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Light of Loving Kindness includes eight core values in our youth and community programs:


Community Service
Creative Arts
Mental Wellness
Project-Based Learning
Social-Emotional Learning

Our Mission

Light of Loving Kindness empowers the next generation of conscious leaders by providing access to mental wellness tools and social-emotional skills through mindfulness-based solutions, cultivating the self-awareness, self-esteem, and resiliency needed to pursue their life’s purpose.


Because we know that the path to conscious leadership begins with self-acceptance, Light of Loving Kindness provides opportunities to learn about, develop, and then practice tools of self-actualization and community leadership for young people and their support systems. 

Board Members

Executive Director & Founder

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Rosie Banks

Levi Jenkins

Elisabeth Root

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Donisha Reed

Do you want to be a part of something BIG?

We visualize communities in which healing resources, opportunities, access to growth, and social mobility are shared equally with those who need them the most, but lack access to these important tools.

A space in which self-love, self-care, self-awareness, and self-expression are highly valued as societal assets.

A future in which young people are encouraged and supported to become the dynamic conscious leaders of today and tomorrow.

We visualize a future in which all young people, regardless of race, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, and/or background see themselves as unique, creative, and powerful human beings.

A world where young people are empowered, through self-acceptance, to pursue their goals, passions, and purpose. 

“If I ever become an adult…if I live through what I’m going through, I will do something to help other teens learn to live through whatever life throws their way.”

LOLK's Story

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