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Our Programs

Our programs provide a safe space for young adults to learn about their core selves and to use that knowledge to develop mindfulness-based skills that promote self-actualization, individual and team leadership, and social-emotional solutions to better their future, their communities, and the world at large.

Self-Love Bootcamp

Self-Love Bootcamp (SLBC) is an integrative, social-emotional learning program, created to support young adults in developing dynamic mental wellness practices that result in higher self-esteem and self-confidence, reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideations, while improving resiliency and self-love. 

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Leaders Internship for Teens

(LIT!): Focuses on leadership, education, project-based learning, community service, social-emotional skills, and mindfulness. We place significant focus on preparing high school students to become leaders on their campuses and within their communities, and to transition to college and/or post-high school career goals.

Just As I Am

Focuses on all of the components of the Self-Love Bootcamp with added content, created for and by LGBTQ+ identifying youth. This program is open to all LGBTQIA identifying youth and allies.

Paz Mental

Focuses on mindfulness, mental wellness practices, and social-emotional learning through bilingual education (Spanish/English) in the Latino/x community. It provides best practices from practitioners and organizations within Hispanic communities for Latino/x youth, families, and communities.

Mindful Youth Ambassadors

Focuses on mindfulness and leadership for youth who have completed a minimum of three programs with Light of Loving Kindness. Young adults can then complete a “train the trainer” program to become Mindful Youth Ambassadors for themselves, their families, schools, and communities.

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