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Teen Mental Health First Aid

LOLK is now certified to bring to your youth school, team, or organization Teen Mental Health First Aid



Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) is a 40 hour program that teaches teens, ages 15-18, how to recognize, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance abuse in themselves and peers (Mental Health First Aid, 2023). Adolescence is a common time for mental health challenges to first emerge. In fact, statistics show that 20% of teens will experience a mental health challenge before the age of 18.


Unfortunately, the majority of teens who experience these challenges do not know how or where to seek the proper help. tMHFA not only reduces stigma surrounding mental health, but also encourages healthy coping methods that build awareness, education, and positive social, emotional, and mental habits. Additionally, tMHFA endorses parental involvement and helps teens understand when to include a trusted adult in their recovery journey.

Teen Mental Health First Aid is an important and safe community that continues to hear and understand the youth of today through the advocacy of mental wellbeing and providing the tools necessary to effectively support themselves and friends, alike.


tMHFA programs are offered both in-person, in six 45-minute sessions or three 90-minute sessions, or as a blended program, in six self-paced online sessions followed by an instructor-led session either in-person or online (Mental Health First Aid, 2023). 


Click here for our Services page to learn more about bringing Teen Mental Health First Aid to the young adults in your life. 


Read about the impact of Mental Health First Aid:

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